Leo Magazetini


HabariLeo Ukurasa wa mbele
· Mbeya yapooza
· ATCL sasa wakiri wako taabani [Habari Uk. 2]

Nipashe Ukurasa wa mbele
. Kuenguliwa Mgombea CHADEMA Mbeya: Zitto ageuka ‘mbogo’
. Wafanyabiashara wa mafuta watishia kupaisha zaidi bei
. Askofu Malasusa atabiri ufisadi utaiumbua CCM [Habari Uk. 4]

Mwananchi Ukurasa wa mbele
. Wabunge kusini wamtetea Mkapa
. Mgombea CHADEMA akata rufaa
. Wanaoagiza mafuta wawaruka wauzaji

Mtanzania Ukurasa wa mbele
· Mafuta wizi mtupu
· Waislamu wamshukia Dk. Shein
· CHADEMA yapinga kuenguliwa Mbeya

Majira Ukurasa wa mbele
· EWURA kibogoyo
· CUF yaridhia Prof. Saffari kupambana na Lipumba [Habari Uk. 4]
· Slaa ahofia pigo CHADEMA

Ukurasa wa mbele
. Taarifa za ufisadi NDC: Bunge limechokozwa
. Mgombea CHADEMA akata rufaa
. Mgambo sasa kuwalinda albino

Tanzania Daima Ukurasa wa mbele
· CHADEMA kizaazaa Mbeya
· Utata bei ya mafuta


Daily News I Front page
· Ghana opposition claims poll win
· ATCL gets back license to fly
· JK mourns Gaza Strip killings
· 5 die in Coast, Moshi accidents

The Guardian I Front page
. Libya wants JK’s AU term extended
. Ex-Somalia President not hiding in Tanzania
. EPA accused submit new title deed in Court
. ‘Few oil dealers caused price hike’

The Citizen I Front page
. CHADEMA protest candidate’s disqualification
. Oil marketing firms deny role in scarcity

The African I Front page
. Oil retailers accused of greedy intentions
. Richmond and EPA: Scandals of the year

ThisDay I Front page
· Bunge summons NDC chiefs
· Jeetu Patel surrenders more assets to Court

ATCL gets back license to fly – Daily News: The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority [TCAA] has given back the airline operating certificate [AOL] it took away from Air Tanzania Corporation Limited [ATCL], saying the airline was broke and urgently needs at least USD 72m [over sh 72bn/-] to keep it afloat. Information obtained in Dar es Salaam yesterday and confirmed by TCAA director general, Magreth Munyagi, said the certificate was handed back yesterday, allowing the airline to start operating any time.
Libya wants JK’s AU term extended – As President Jakaya Kikwete’s Chairpersonship of the Africa Union [AU] ends in January next year, Libya has proposed that Kikwete be allowed to serve yet another term. Libya Ambassador to Tanzania Dr. Ahmed Alashhab told ‘The Guardian’ yesterday that President Muammar Gadaffi had made the request, knowing fully well that the post was supposed to rotate. “The change of guard is unnecessary. As Libyans, we prefer him to continue,” the envoy said
Govt to install high security technology at NECTA offices [Pg 2] – The Government is planning to install a high security technology at the National Examination Council of Tanzania [NECTA] to curb examination leakages and other related malpractices. Deputy Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Mwantumu Mahiza, disclosed this yesterday, saying the machine would be placed at NECTA’s head offices in Dar es Salaam.

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